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My name is Nick and this is my web site!  I have created this web site to show not only my experience in marketing, communications, and digital media, but also to show you what I look like.  This is why I have my picture off to the right on this page! 

If you notice in my second sentence, I mentioned how I “created” this web site.  That’s right, this is not a template from a dot.com site that does the design work for the user.  I designed the graphics, used my knowledge of Dreamweaver, wrote the CSS, and put this site on the web! 

So many people say they can do web design, but can they really? If so, why are they using a template?

So yes, I do know HTML, CSS, and how to create, edit, update and maintain a web site.

For more information about my skills as a Marketing Communications Manager, and what I can bring to your business, look around! 

Please, contact me if you have any questions!   

This site is the online portfolio of Nick Barrale and its purpose is to showcase my work in
communications, marketing, web design, graphic design as well as my broadcasting career.
Any reproduction or unauthorized duplication of material is against the law and just wrong.
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