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I have always tried to give back in some way by participating in different charity events. I also live a very active lifestyle and run in many different races so I combined my active lifestyle with events that involve charities.

In 2005 while living in New Jersey, I took part in the Polar Bear Plunge which benefited the Special Olympics.  It was probably one of the most exhilarating events I have ever participated in for charity!

When I moved back to St. Louis in 2009, I was searching for charity events I could get involved with, while also promoting a healthy lifestyle.  In 2010 I participated in my first Fight for Air Stair Climb in St. Louis.  Running up 40 flights of stairs is definitely a challenge but I loved every minute of the event.  The charity benefits the American Lung Association and I have continued to participate in the event over the years.

In 2010 I also participated in my first ever mud run and at that time, mud runs were still a novelty and had not gained the popularity they are today.  This was the inagural MS Mud Run in St. Louis to benefit the MS Society. At the time it was a 15k, military themed obstacle race that had participants run in boots and pants.  This really kicked started my addiction to charity races and mud runs!

From 2010-2015 I continued to participate in the annual Mud Run that benefited the MS Society.  The race was cancelled in St. Louis after 2015 but my charity work continued in other races.

I have raised money for the St. Jude Children’s Hospital by competing in two mud runs, two marathons and one half marathon.  For St. Jude, the majority of funding comes from donations.  Treatments invented at St. Jude benefit all kids that suffer from cancer as the treatments and research is shared. The best part is, no family is ever charged while at St. Jude! 

Each year I try to continue to raise money for the American Lung Association, MS Society and St. Jude Children's Hospital through various races.

While I do lean toward the races and physical activities for raising money and awareness for charities, I have been known to get dressed up and go to events as well. 

I am big believer in giving back to help those in need! As long as I am physcially capable, I will continue to run and bring awareness to charities through various races.

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